Raven-Symonè Coyly Comes Out Via Twitter

Coyly coming out on Twitter? That’s SO Raven.

The former Cosby Show tiny darling and Disney Channel teen clairvoyant tweeted her support for gay marriage last week, while quietly outing herself in the process.

The fiercely private 27-year-old star has lived her life on the DL in recent years, refusing to directly comment on questions about her sexuality. After fielding rumors last May surrounding her relationship with former America’s Next Top Model contestant, AzMarie Livingston, however, she had this to say:

OH SNAP! (Fun fact: This isn’t just an appropriate exclamation — it’s also one of Symonè’s That’s So Raven catch phrases. I know this because I used to binge-watch Raven marathons on rainy days in college. Sh*t was funny. I am not ashamed.)

Anyways, while Symonè hasn’t flat out confirmed the internet’s assumption that she’s a lesbian (because technically, she could be bi), you don’t need Nancy Drew to catch her drift.

Of course, one of these days a celebrity “coming out” won’t send the web into overdrive — but until that happens, here’s hoping that Symonè found some peace in shrugging that pesky weight off her shoulders. GO RAVEN, GO RAVEN, GO RAVEN, GO!

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