A few brave people sent Gordon Ramsay photos of their food to review, and it went as expected

When you’re one of the most famous chefs in the world, people can’t help but come to you for advice on their cooking. That’s what happens to chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay on the regular. So Ramsay decided to give out food reviews based on the pictures he was sent from his followers, and well, it went as expected.

AKA not great.

If you’ve ever seen Hell’s Kitchen or Masterchef, you’re probably completely aware that receiving positive feedback from Ramsay is highly unlikely unless you’ve absolutely NAILED whatever it is you’ve made.

And since most of the people who sent Ramsay photos of their food did not nail what they made (although, TBH, we’re still impressed), Ramsay let them know accordingly.

Like this guy who cooked for the very first time, but seems to not know how to serve asparagus.

And this guy who was looking for a review of his breakfast…assortment.

Ramsay was not impressed.

But Ramsay isn’t a complete monster.

He gave credit where credit was due. Some of his followers received actual compliments from the chef, and that’s definitely something to be proud of.

Perhaps Ramsay was extra kind about this particular dish because the recipe was his own. Or maybe he just really loves smoky pulled pork with Chipotle Mayo. Either way, we’re sure Jake Vezina was pretty happy about the review.

Ramsay even offered some of his professional advice to people attempting some of his recipes.


So maybe Ramsay does have a heart after all! Or maybe not. Still sort of up in the air.

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