A rattlesnake photobombed this couple’s wedding photos, and what happened next is intense

Spring and summer are pretty traditionally wedding season — the trees shake off that cold winter weather, everything gets sunny and beautiful, and we all kind of begin to glow as the sun sets later and later. That’s likely why this couple, Laura and Johnny Benson, chose to get married recently — and also why they had an unexpected guest during their photo shoot.

They stopped to take photos at the beautiful Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado between the ceremony and reception on their wedding day this Monday, and a rattlesnake decided not to miss out on the fun. The snake bit the groom during the shoot, and Maddie Mae, the photographer, quickly tried to wave down a park ranger. The ranger didn’t quite get it at first — he shouted,  “Congratulations!” But once he caught on, they got Johnny the help he needed.

Maddie kept shooting the whole time, and the photos are unlike any other wedding photos we’ve seen — the couple still looks beautiful, but they’re almost like something out of a movie. Maddie Mae said in her post on Facebook, “The whole situation was so surreal, and I couldn’t really help in any way except continue to do my job and capture the story of their wedding day.” Laura immediately called their friends and family to tell them what had happened, and Johnny was taken to a local hospital to get medical care. Even considering what was happening, they look like they’re in great spirits, and they certainly love each other a lot. We wish Johnny a speedy recovery, and we wish the pair a long and happy life together — hopefully free of rattlesnakes.

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