A rat pop-up café is happening in San Francisco, because drinking coffee with other humans is boring

Depending on how you feel about rodents, this is either the grossest or cutest thing ever: A rat pop-up café is coming to San Francisco because someone was obviously bored by sipping lattes in the company of fellow humans.

Well actually, San Francisco Dungeon’s forthcoming Black Rat Café has less to do with the furry creatures needing their daily caffeine fix and more with rats needing to find homes. Whether you love ’em or not, it’s hard out here for human-less rats. Without TLC from a caring pet owner, rats are left to fight over bagels in the subway and do God knows what else just to survive.

So, while human guests partake in an all-coffee buffet, they can become more acquainted with the so-called “friendly rats” that are up for adoption through the local non-profit Rattie Ratz, which rescues and rehabilitates the animals.


The two-day event rat café event takes place on July 1 and 8 and for $49.99, guest will receive unlimited coffee and rat company along with admission to the San Francisco Dungeon.

If the guests find any of the rats scurrying around the café completely irresistible, they can leave with their fill of caffeine and their very own pet rat.

Ahem, well…we don’t need to tell you how much we adore animals of all kinds but we’re not so sure about this one. We were kind of down with the idea of tickling rats for science, but when it comes to getting up close and personal with random rats, we’ll kindly allow someone else to go in our place.