Every time your Internet is too slow, this bot will tweet Comcast for you, because the future is now

What do you do when your Internet starts to slow down? Do you sigh in frustration? Hit refresh a few hundred times? Or, do you have an enviable amount of patience and are able to wait it out without a problem?


Well, one Redditor, whose username is AlekseyP, seems to have found another option. Using a Raspberry Pi programming computer, he runs frequent Internet speed tests. In addition, he also created a script so that, when the speed goes below 50 Mbps, his Twitter account will tweet a complaint at Comcast.

Examples (note the time stamps):

Essentially, AlekseyP rightfully wants to get his money’s worth.


Since the falling speeds often occur at night when no one is using the Internet, crowded bandwidth isn’t an issue. Neither is torrenting, since no one in Alekseyp’s home transfers large files back and forth. So, it seems that the problem isn’t on his end.

There are, of course, issues that are out of the user and provider’s control (i.e. weather damage), but there are also companies that have been promoting unfair business practices by not delivering promised speeds. And absolutely no one wants that.


If you, too, are fed up with slow Internet speeds that occur for seemingly no reason at all, AlekseyP generously provided all Comcast users with a source code, so anyone can create their very own Twitter bot.

Here’s to keeping our Internet as fast and efficient as ever (so we don’t turn into any of the people in the above GIFs)!

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