Rashida Jones shows off her musical chops and we are ready to dance

It’s no secret that Rashida Jones is crazy talented. She’s an amazing actress, a producer, an author, and now a singer!

Jones just dropped a single with Boss Selection, and it’s total fire. A little slow and kinda smooth, with a throwback vibe, “Flip and Rewind” is the fall jam we’ve been waiting for.

It’s not that surprising that this duo put out an incredible single. Jones has treated us to her vocal stylings in the past, including that perfect rendition of “Time After Time” on Parks & Recreation. Plus, her dad is Quincy Jones. Being raised by one of the foremost musical talents in recent history counts for something, right?

As for Boss Selection, he’s paired up to record with celebs in the past, including Scarlett Johansson. He was also behind the score on Jones’ movie Celeste and Jesse Forever!

Check out “Flip and Rewind” below, and get ready for some serious dancing vibes!

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(Image via Press Play PR)