ICYMI: Rashida Jones shuts down SAG red carpet reporter in best possible way

On Parks and Recreation, the talented and hilarious Rashida Jones played Ann Perkins, a nurse with an amazing amount of patience, putting up with the antics of the other characters as best she can. At the SAG Awards on Sunday night, Jones proved that she has just as much forbearance in real life as on the small screen by gracefully sidestepping an incredibly ignorant question from a red carpet reporting team.

Jones, who stars in the upcoming comedy Angie Tribeca, ran into a pair of TV presenters from TNT. One, Danielle Demski, thought it would be a good idea to compliment Jones on her complexion.

“You look like you’ve just come off an island or something,” Demski said. “You’re very tan. Very tropical.”

Um, wow. Jones isn’t “tan,” she’s bi-racial. (Also, someone page #askhermore.)

To her credit, Jones shut down the situation like a pro. “I mean, you know, I’m ethnic,” she told the reporter.

But Demski’s partner just didn’t get it. “Me, too,” added Demski’s white co-presenter JD Heyman. Then they both laughed at a moment that wasn’t at all funny.

Jones, who’s spoken in the past about the challenges of being bi-racial in Hollywood, handled the whole thing like the champ she is, and hopefully taught those reporters a lesson in diversity they should have learned a long time ago.

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