Rashida Jones’ mom is all of our moms when it comes to texting

There’s no denying it: moms are the greatest, even if they have a limited grasp of modern technology. We probably all have at least one mom-text story that we whip out whenever we need a laugh, and Rashida Jones is no different. As she explained to James Corden when she appeared on The Late Late Show on Thursday night, her mom leaves out some key details when it comes to communicating electronically.

This came up when James showed a picture that Rashida’s mom had sent her, which just appeared to be yellow liquid in a bowl. “The day before Christmas I just get that picture,” she says. “With no explanation, no context.” This was the last straw for Rashida, who describes her mom as being not, “technically savvy.”

So she gave her mom a call to explain how online communication should work. “I was like, ‘Mom! You can’t just send me a fuzzy picture of yellow liquid with no context.’” Turns out, her mom was at a restaurant that Rashida had recommended and wanted to let her know but, as Rashida pointed out, “She’s missing, like, four steps.”

Lily James, who was also on the show that night, could relate. Her mom ends every text with “darling” which, as she explains, really means, “text me back.”

Never change, moms. Never change.

Watch the clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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