We can’t get enough of Rashida Jones’ dreamy Italian vacation!

It’s important to take a vacation on a regular basis in order to recharge those batteries and even gain some new perspective. Rashida Jones is currently doing exactly that, in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Italy! From the looks of things, she’s getting in some good, sun-drenched relaxation.

That’s The Floating Pier, a giant work of art in the middle of Lake Iseo, created by the Bulgarian artist Christo. You can’t quite see from the picture, but it includes 100,000 square meters of yellow fabric. We’re jealous, to say the least!

Here’s another postcard-perfect shot of her vacation, this time including a breathtaking beach and some mountains in the background. Love the color contrast.

It doesn’t get more beautiful than this! Literally.

And this.

Of course, Jones’s trip wouldn’t be complete without some some rustic Italian pizza. Yummmmm.

And of course, adorable turtles! They’re not real turtles, but still. We like.

Sooooo okay, we are really wishing we were in Italy on vacation right now with Rashida Jones! But she’s with these nice people, and we have to respect that.

Sadly, we’ll just have to live vicariously through her for the time being. That doesn’t sound too bad. More gorgeous photos of Italian people, places, and things, please!

Oh, and lastly, Jones remembered to take an obligatory Italian bathroom selfie during her vacation, which makes us adore her even more.

Safe travels, Rashida!