Rashida Jones’ new music video is the stuff of ’90s dreams

When Rashida Jones dropped her incredible single “Flip and Rewind” back in October, we were all feeling the throwback jam. But in case the smooth sound wasn’t enough to help you relive in the ’90s, Rashida and company dropped a music video that was made for MTV’s glory days.

Opening on Rashida wrapping on what looks like her hilarious procedural satire Angie Tribeca, she takes a videocall from Jermaine Dupri, as you do. The two start talking about how much they miss the ’90s (which, we mean, who DOESN’T).

“I just can’t believe it’s not the ’90s anymore,” she tells Jermaine before slipping into a daydream.

From there the video morphs into an homage to some of the most iconic artists of the decade, including Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, and TLC. The choreography, the outfits, the vibe — it’s truly a 1990s dream come true.

Relive all the glory below!

(Image via Youtube)