These incredibly rare retro sneakers are up for auction, and you won’t believe the starting price

We all know that certain name-brand shoes have big price tags. Now, these incredibly rare retro sneakers are up for auction, reported CNET, and you won’t believe the starting price. And they’re Apple sneakers — yes, as in the Apple brand — so it’s no surprise that they’re a bit pricy. Actually, a LOT pricy. The ~starting price~ is $15,000. Nbd, right?!

Back in the ‘90s, an employee perk was getting a pair of these shoes, according to CNET, complete with Apple logos on them. So now, cut to all these years later in the age of eBay, and you have yourself a sole-ful (pun intended) auction to sell the shoes to the highest bidder. Plus, the seller got them at a garage sale in the Bay area! Talk about waaaaaaaay more than doubling your money!

Heritage Auctions is behind the eBay sneaker-selling, and the live auction officially starts on June 11th. So if you happen to have an extra $15,000 laying around, by all means, check it out. However, we’re betting the shoes will sell for a lot, LOT more.

Here’s a look at the retro sneakers, which are a men’s 9.5, btw.


We love what @ByronSumpster had to say about the $15,000 starting price.

Of course, others are not too thrilled about the HIGH shoe price tag either.

And a lot of people have a sense of humor about the sneakers’ cost.

Others are getting inspired to dig out their vintage Apple products, too…

And we agree with this sentiment! Riiiiiiight?! LOL! Because at the end of the day, it def sums it all up!

However, I guess we’ll find out how much the shoes sell for once the auction is done. Meanwhile, we’re going to go look through our old stuff, and our parent’s old stuff, and see if we find any Apple products to auction off, too!