The girl’s hair is practically Rapunzel-length IRL and it’s taking over Instagram

We admit, the thought of having Rapunzel-esque hair sounds pretty enticing, but just imagining the upkeep is enough to keep most of us regularly seeking trims from our hairdressers.

However, a woman in Russia named Dashik Gubanova, “Freckle,” has realized all our dreams by growing out princess-locked-in-a-tower-worthy hair: It currently grazes her shins, and she has her sights set on getting it to reach the floor. She posts tons of pictures of her thick, wavy mane on Instagram, and currently has more than 114,000 followers on the social media outlet.

Dashik hasn’t cut her hair since 2003. When she reaches her goal of floor-sweeping strands, she will donate her hair to be made into wigs. Awww.

In the meantime, you can live vicariously through these photos of her luscious locks.

We’ll leave you with this one — ’cause this Rapunzel don’t need no prince to whisk her away.


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