Rape: It’s (Most Definitely Not) Your Fault

In India, rape has reached almost epidemic proportions, with most cases not only resulting in lack of prosecution for the guilty parties, but with women being blamed for their own victimhood. While this incredibly serious issue is infuriating and in desperate need of resolution, YouTube bloggers All India Bakchod – who bill themselves as India’s edgiest comedy collective – managed to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to the situation and point out the ridiculousness behind what’s happening in the country.

“It’s Your Fault” examines women’s roles in their sexual assault at the hands of men, pointing out the ludicrous claims that women’s clothing – regardless of how little or much it covers their bodies – incites men to rape. It also jokes that if men just didn’t have eyes and women didn’t exist, this whole issue could easily be solved. Ha!


While the government needs to step in and begin taking real measures against stopping this horrible crime (and the same can be said for America and several other countries), sometimes laughter – even infuriating laughter – can be a nice dose of medicine.