Ranking the songs of “Stars Hollow: The Musical” from “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

We understand if you are torn about the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life musical that was in the “Summer” episode of the Netflix revival. However, if you were able to look past that a precious 10 minutes was spent not on advancing the plot, but having silly fun, then you may be able to appreciate the songs of Stars Hollow: The Musical.

Was Stars Hollow: The Musical necessary in a Gilmore Girls revival? Definitely not. But was it a new way to showcase the nutty quirkiness of Lorelai and Rory’s beloved town? Absolutely. And with Sutton Foster and Christian Borle leading the zany show, it was a Broadway musical lover’s fever dream.

Regardless if you reacted to it like Babette did or like Lorelai did, here is the ranking of all of the songs featured in Stars Hollow: The Musical.

6. The Stars Hollow Rap


It would have been a missed opportunity not to reference the Broadway sensation Hamilton, but unfortunately, the rap about Stars Hollow in the Industrial Revolution was the least engaging song. Clearly, Lin-Manuel Miranda is the master for a reason.

5. “What’s There Not To Love About The Town Of Stars Hollow?”


Yes, we agree that Stars Hollow is the best town around, but this song set in modern times was nowhere near as excellent as the town it was referencing — even with a tap dance break AND a kick line. The best part came in the introduction of the song with Borle’s delivery of, “What restaurants charge for wine.”

4. “Waterloo”


Not an original Stars Hollow: The Musical song, but we’re suckers for ABBA. Unfortunately, as Taylor’s lawyer warned, they might not legally be allowed to include all nine ABBA songs in future productions. However, we have a sudden urge to watch Mamma Mia! now and even Lorelai (very reluctantly) got up and clapped!

3. “Working On Building Stars Hollow”


This ranking is based primarily on the catchiness of this pilgrim-era song. There’s no way you weren’t singing, “Working on building, working on building, Stars Hollow!” complete with Borle and Foster’s dance moves after seeing it. Watching these outrageously talented performers try to rein in their skills for this community theater song was also a bonus.

2. “Unbreakable”


As the one legitimate song of Stars Hollow: The Musical, you could argue this deserves the top spot — but it probably was cut from the show anyway if Babette had her way. This heartfelt song not only spoke directly to Lorelai (especially the line, “It’s never or now”), but it allowed Foster’s Violet to shine. (Fun fact: Foster starred in the musical Violet that was produced by Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.)

1. “Love Revolution”


The most bizarre song of Stars Hollow: The Musical was definitely our favorite. It had us with the opening lines of: “You are me in pants / And you are me in a dress.” Lorelai might have thought that Violet’s promiscuous storyline needed work, but how could you not laugh at this brother and sister having sex and hoping three of their 14 children would survive? Ah, Revolutionary War humor at its finest. Plus, knowing that Borle and Foster were once married just added to the hilarity.

Bonus Song: “I Feel the Earth Move”


Even if we didn’t get to hear Carole King’s “Where You Lead” at the beginning of every episode, A Year in the Life graced us with a performance by King’s character Sophie. Sophie apparently dabbles in songwriting, so King did a quick rendition of her fabulous song, “I Feel the Earth Move.” But Taylor cut her off since the song wasn’t “catchy.” Clearly, Taylor is an expert in good music. At least the song is featured in another musical — Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

If you couldn’t handle Stars Hollow: The Musical the first time around, we recommend a re-watch. While maybe you didn’t need the Gilmore Girls revival to spend so much time on the musical, it was truly filled with jokes that are worth a second watch and listen — even if Lorelai wouldn’t agree.

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