10 random moments that transform friends into *best* friends

When you’re a kid, it’s pretty easy to tell who your best friend is. Did she give you one of those broken heart best friend necklaces? You’re friends ’til the end. But as adults, it can be harder to tell if your new friend is turning into a best friend, especially if you haven’t known each other that long.

Making new friends as an adult is not easy, and making a new best friend is exponentially harder. Suddenly, there are no more homemade friendship bracelets or declarations of love in your AIM profile. Now, it’s two pals wading through the rough waters of life, handing each other a life raft from time to time.

So how do you know when someone has gone from “friend” to “best friend?” Here are a few tell-tale signs.

1You start sending her funny ‘gram posts, or tagging her in articles online.

It sounds funny, but it’s true: When you see something on Instagram that, well, instantly reminds you of her, you’ve crossed the threshold from close pals to best friends. Aww.

2You text all the time.

Early on in a friendship, it can be awkward to figure out the texting etiquette. But when you become so close that you’re texting multiple times a day, sending her eye roll emojis when she tells you about that creepy coworker she has, it might mean that you’re officially in the bestie zone.

3She’s the first one you turn to when you need advice.

If she’s the first one you call when you’ve got an issue to work out or to celebrate a big victory or just to vent about how crappy your day was, it means your relationship has moved to the next level.

4You go through a serious life event and she’s there.

When something truly seismic rocks your world and she’s there to help you pick up the pieces, you’ve got yourself a great best friend. Whether you go through a breakup or divorce, lose a loved one, or have a health crisis, if she’s there for you with open arms, she’s truly your ride or die.

5You take a trip together.

Whether you decide to backpack through Europe, take a road trip across state lines, or simply spend a spa weekend together just the two of you, that’s a sign that you’re more than just good friends. After all, if she’s there to share a hostel shower with you or you’re there to read her directions on your phone to find the best milkshake in the country, traveling together by plane, car, train, or boat is a bonding experience that creates incredible, lifelong memories.

6You actually follow through on plans.

Admit it: You’re guilty of telling people you’d love to grab lunch or coffee with them, only to never follow up later on. It’s OK, really. We all do it. But you actually look forward to seeing this friend — you’re excited and eager to try that restaurant she raves about or check out a movie she heard was really good. And you don’t even have to drag yourself to go when the day arrives.

7You take up a hobby together.

When you have a lot in common with someone, it becomes suddenly easier to step outside your comfort zone and try other new things with that person. Maybe you finally commit to a running routine, joining her for early morning jogs before work, or you take up cooking classes so you can laugh at how dangerous you both are with a butcher’s knife. Having similar interests and trying new things is a great way to form and strengthen bonds with your newfound bestie.

8You see a concert together.

Sounds weird, but it’s true. When you’re comfortable singing at the top of your lungs and dancing with someone, you’ve got yourself a true BFF. Or maybe you become comfortable enough to watch a super sad movie together, sobbing your eyes out. Doing anything that elicits strong emotions would be weird with a casual acquaintance but feels great with your best friend.

9You do something totally spontaneous together.

Maybe you take an impromptu road trip or do something totally wild like go skydiving — if you feel comfortable getting rid of expectations and plans and just doing something a little bonkers, it’s a sign you truly trust this person.

10You’re not afraid of silence.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you sit and stare at each other for hours, but if moments of silence don’t freak you out, it’s a good sign. Everybody has those quiet moments where they simply don’t have anything to say. But when we’re with our best friend, it’s somehow peaceful instead of awkward. True bliss, indeed.