How a random college roommate changed my life

The random roommate: some shudder at the thought. Others try to remain optimistic while inside they’re full of fear of the worst. However, there are those that get lucky enough to get paired up with their best friend, from pure change.

My sophomore year of college the housing situation was a fiasco, I ended up having to get a random roommate and wait until two weeks before I moved in the dorms to find out who this mystery person was.

All summer my brain was filled with so many scenarios of how crazy this person could potentially be, and my heart was filled with the endless possibilities of how this mystery person could be my new lifelong best friend.

Jump to a few months later: My heart was right, and my brain was mostly wrong.

Once I found out who my roommate was, I attempted to check her out on every social media platform possible. I wasn’t able to find her. This girl doesn’t have a Facebook or anything, she must be insane!

Move-in day came, and once I walked into my room and laid eyes on my new roommate (who was also a freshmen) and everything changed.

We clicked instantly. Our stuff was completely different yet matched perfectly. She thought I was funny and I thought she was a hoot.

The year went on and we had to go through the awkward stage of getting to know the stranger sleeping in the same room, but somehow those awkward tendencies faded away and my roommate and I became two peas in a pod.

We ended up being a package deal. We ate meals together, went to all of the same school functions together, spent the weekends together, and eventually finished each other’s sentences. I ended up getting a random roommate that was just like me, but still different enough to keep things interesting.

Our friendship began as two girls fearing the worst type of crazy in each other, but what we got instead was the type of friendship that was effortless and comfortable.

While I thought the random roommate I was going to get was going to use my toothbrush and watch me sleep, she turned out to be someone who understood me better than anyone else. Of course it was weird at first, but the more time and the more open mind you have, the more comfortable you’ll get.

I randomly got the kind of friend in college every girl should have, someone you can always laugh with and someone to turn to when life at college gets stressful and you just need someone to be there for you. Thank you housing coordinator people of my university, you were nice to me this year.

If you’re stuck with a “random” this year, keep a positive attitude. On move-in day, tt might just be your best friend waiting on the other side of your door.Courtney Young is a journalism student based in Virginia, where she spends her time deciding if she wants to be the next Tina Fey or a Disney Princess, watching a great deal of cute animal videos online, and rocking the airwaves of her college radio station. You can follow her at cyoung181 on Instagram. pImage via ABC]

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