People are sharing their most random celebrity encounters on Twitter, and it’s glorious

Most stories about celebrity encounters include a moment of shock and awe. But even though celebrities have that special something about them, they’re just people. That’s why writer and host of “The Hilarious World of Depression” podcast John Moe asked his followers to share their most mundane celebrity encounters, proving that celebrities also do things like buy Juicy Fruit at the grocery store — just like us!

Thanks to social media, we feel closer to celebrities than ever. We see what happens in their day thanks to Instagram Stories, we hear about their quippy interactions through Twitter, and we see them stun at red carpet events on the reg. That might be why some of these stories are a bit…dull. Which is what makes them so great.

The thread picked up so much steam that Twitter singled it out for one of their trending stories, allowing more people to participate in the discussion.  In total, 18,000 people responded.

Here’s the original tweet that got things rolling.

And here are just a few of our favorite encounters.

The thread was so big that other celebs even started responding.

(We don’t know what’s cooler: Actually seeing Dax Shepard, or having Dax Shepart tweet directly at you to say you didn’t actually see him. Maybe it was Zach Braff?)


All of this is just a reminder that celebrities really are just like us. Like, they also sometimes don’t know where the bathroom is, guys! Also, the below tweet just might be our all-time favorite from the thread:

Next time we have random, uneventful celebrity encounters, we’ll know where we can share (after we’ve texted literally everyone we’ve ever met, of course).

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