In honor of Rami Malek’s Golden Globes win, let’s take a moment to watch him in Twilight: Breaking Dawn

You may know him best as misanthropic computer hacker Elliot Alderson from USA’s Mr. Robot, or perhaps from his (now) Golden Globe-winning performance as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. But you probably don’t remember that actor Rami Malek once appeared in a little film series known as the Twilight SagaBreaking Dawn – Part 2, to be exact.

Yep. Malek played a vampire named Benjamin in the 2012 culmination of the series. According to the Twilight Wiki fandom page, Benjamin is “a member of the Egyptian coven, created by its leader, Amun.” The page notes that he’s able to manipulate earth, air, fire, and water, and that, “Amun chose to create him, knowing that Benjamin would be extremely gifted.”

Here’s some footage of Rami/Benjamin doing his thing.

Malek is currently a major Oscar contender for Best Actor, though we won’t know if he officially makes the nomination list until the announcements on January 22nd. Good luck, sir! We’re rooting for you.

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