Rami Malek just posted his first Instagram picture, and it’s perfect (just like him)

The talented actor Rami Malek stars in the thought-provoking Mr. Robot, which centers around democracy in the digital age and constantly brings up a bunch of really fascinating modern questions. As a result of the show, we have a lot of genuine questions for Malek, who plays a highly intelligent and gifted (though morally torn) hacker.

But nothing is more mind-boggling than why you would have an Instagram account yet never post any pictures on it.


Malek has a verified Instagram account that, until yesterday, was completely picture-less (despite the fact that over 100,000 people follow him).

While on a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert saw the Insta-issue and decided to do something about it.


When Colbert asked Malek about his social media usage, and Malek’s response was pretty spectacular. He said, “I’m not crazy about social media because I think it’s a little bit polarizing. It’s difficult to figure out what is happening on social media… things feel very manicured. I feel like it pits people against each other, you know?”

And while we love that reasoning since we are all about bringing people together, we also want to see more pictures of behind-the-scenes of the talented actor’s life.

Malek, who said he “had no idea” he had that many followers, agreed to create and post his first picture on the spot. Colbert was prepared with a selfie stick (a must-have for any savvy Instagram photographer) and the two men posed happily in front of a delighted audience who got to witness a major Malek social media debut.

The picture turned out great and is an excellent start to his life on Instagram.


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