Ramen ice cream is an actual dessert that people are obsessing over

If you thought Kylie Jenner’s ramen recipe was bonkers, then feast your eyes upon ramen noodle ice cream, the internet’s latest dessert obsession. OK, so it’s not what you think —while ramen is largely known as what we like to refer to as a “survivor’s meal,” there are not actually any noodles in this sweet treat. Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief (we agree that noodles and ice cream just don’t sound like a match made in food heaven).

According to Cosmopolitan, the unique course from The Dessert Kitchen in New York is actually made with a Japanese algae-based jelly noodle called kanten served over condensed milk and crushed ice. The flavors give the noodles their color, and regardless of whether you choose brown sugar, green tea milk, honey, kyoho or peach, you’ll wind up with what looks like a mouthwatering rainbow in a bowl.


In addition to a vegan option that contains coconut milk, ramen noodle ice cream also comes with a variety of toppings like cantaloupe, mango, mochi, or white peach syrup.

TBQH, ramen noodle ice cream looks like someone put a bowl of Jell-O through a shredder and added some fruit and topping as accessories. Just in case that’s not a vivid enough picture, here’s what it looks like in motion:


So, is everyone ready to dig in or nah?