This beautiful rainbow shag hairstyle has a story that seriously made us cry

We never thought a haircut could make us cry (at least not in a good way), but here we are, teary-eyed, thanks to this incredible Instagram post. Chita Beseau, a hair stylist based in Las Vegas, created a seriously stunning rainbow shag style for one of her clients. Normally, we’d just be all about the bright and vivid hairstyle because hidden rainbow hair is so on trend, but when we learned the backstory, we were teary-eyed. It’s just such a moving tale!

We were scrolling through Instagram when we came across this absolutely adorable, hide-and-seek rainbow shag.

At first we were just wowed by how talented this hair stylist was (we heart those soft candy colors so much!) but when we learned the story behind the hair style, we were instantly moved.

The stylist captioned the video,

"I went in to salon this day 2 days after losing my brother. I knew I was going to create some beautiful creative heartfelt art . My brother was my first artistic mentor... I was so frustrated as a little girl that I could never draw as good as him. He was so talented and smart . I created with my heart this day even more than ever 🔥 ."

Like, wow. How incredible is this story? We’re cheering on this level of vulnerability, and how her emotions fueled her art.

And she did just that. You can tell how much love and magic went into ever step of this rainbow style.

From beginning to end, this is a true work of art.

We’re so here for this moving tale, and send nothing but good vibes to this master of all this hair, and heart.

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