These rainbow clouds appeared over England, Scotland, and Ireland. We suspect Care Bears

Apparently rainbow things come in threes.

Today we were introduced to rainbow bangs, rainbow bagels, and to complete the rainbow triumvirate,  on social we just saw that a bunch of rainbow clouds paid a visit to England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Check it:

So what the what exactly is going on here? Care Bears? Rainbow Brite? (Gasp) CARE BEARS AND RAINBOW BRITE CROSSOVER EPISODE???

Sorry Charlie, no 80s cartoon nostalgia behind this one. Our second guess was aliens, but it’s not even that! It’s just good old fashioned science. These clouds are called nacreous clouds, and, as the Guardian reports, they form in cold temperatures, higher up in the atmosphere, and are usually only spotted in polar regions, which makes it an extra-special treat for the denizens of England, Ireland, and Scotland. I mean, if it’s going to be cold as heck, you may as well get rainbow clouds as a consolation prize. I mean, you gotta have something to mid-week Instagram, am I right? (This is a rhetorical question, I’m right.)

Well played, rainbow clouds, well played. Here’s a few more Instas of these beauties:

(Images via Instagram)