These DIY marble coasters have the rainbow touch your coffee table is missing

Prepare to marvel at these glorious rainbow marble coasters. If you’re just moving into a new apartment, or you’ve just been browsing Pinterest looking for a way to spruce up your living room, these DIY coasters are just the thing you need. Using clay, pick your favorite colors — or all the colors — and mold them into a sleek shape.

While hosting your next book club or wine night with your friends, expect compliments about how you do-it-yourselfed to adulthood. Let’s face it, nothing is more grownup than having coasters, but if you’re going to be a grownup, you can do it in some bright, fun, rainbow way.

Watch the video for further instructions.

DIY Rainbow Marble Coasters

White polymer clay (~2 oz. per coaster)
3-4 other colors of polymer clay
Rolling pin
Hexagon cookie cutter
Parchment paper
Adhesive-back felt


1. Cut off a square of parchment paper to work on. Take a very small amount of each of the colors of polymer clay and roll each into a log. Twist the logs together.
2. Mold the white clay into a thick log. Place small pieces of the twisted colors onto the white clay, spreading them out.
3. Twist the white log with colored spots a lot until you’ve achieved a marbled look. Roll it into a ball and decide which area of the ball looks the best. Cut a small square of parchment, place the ball on it with the best part facing forward, and begin to flatten it with your fingers. Use the rolling pin to get it very flat (~1/4 inch thick).
4. Cut out the flat clay with the cookie cutter, and use a knife to cut away the excess. Lift the cookie cutter carefully.
5. Bake in the oven according to the instructions of the clay package (usually at 250 degrees F for 30 minutes).
6. Use the cookie cutter to trace the hexagon onto the adhesive-back felt. Cut it out. Once the clay coaster is dry, remove the adhesive backing and place the felt on the back of the coaster.

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