Rainbow mac and cheese is a thing that exists now

Seeing a rainbow can do wonders for improving your mood on a gloomy day. But why wait to see such a beautiful sight when you can now be like Mother Nature and create it yourself! And when you create it, you’ll be doing so on some delicious pasta cheesy goodness so amazing that you might even impress Mother Nature herself. I’m of course talking about cooking rainbow mac and cheese. Because the world of food has finally caught up to your favorite Snapchat filters. false

Several recipes for the delightful mix of bright colors and savory flavor exist. One of our favorites is from  Nerdist, who also took the time to try creating it live on their Facebook page.

The general gist seems simple enough. You make separate sets of delicious macaroni and cheese and mix each one with the food coloring of your choice. And if you’re a food color aficionado, you could really go crazy with creating all sorts of amazing colors. The key seems to be to include some bread crumbs in each of the macaroni mixes for not only extra texture, but also to better emphasize each section’s respective food coloring.

Eventually, you combine all your beautiful macaroni food color creations and bake it together to create one massively delectable and visually beautiful dish. The colorfully yummy combination, like the Care Bears also created a magical rainbow of wonder, will bring nothing but happiness to those who get to experience it.


Every time we think we’re at the end of the rainbow food tunnel, yet another masterful multi-color creation comes spinning out of the void. What do you think will be next guys? Rainbow apple pie? Rainbow sushi? The sky is truly the limit!