Rainbow jelly nails are the ice pop-inspired nail art trend that practically scream summer

As far as “summery” trends go, a select few emblems have become fashion and beauty mainstays once the warm weather season arrives. Some examples: watermelon prints, lemon prints, pineapple prints (okay, really any fruit prints), palm trees, flamingos…you get the drill. But another summer staple? Jelly anything. From sandals to purses to jewelry, anything bright and translucent immediately catches our eye during the summer season. It must be something about the heat. The latest jelly trend that we’re loving?

Rainbow jelly nails.

This eye-catching trend works best on long nails (especially gel or acrylic tips) so that you can achieve the full see-through effect. As far as shape and embellishments go, the rest is totally up to you. Whether you’re into oval or stiletto, rhinestones or negative space, the possibilities in terms of how to top your rainbow jelly nails are endless.

Below are some of our favorite rainbow jelly nails on Instagram.

The stars give this mani an out-of-this-world effect.

Groovy, baby.


Rhinestones make these jelly tips look mesmerizing.


Couldn’t you just watch this video on loop forever?


This one too, tbh.

LOVE this negative space take on the trend.

Simple and sweet.

The stiletto shape gives this playful mani an edge.

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