This stylist created the most gorgeous rainbow hair by using 34 different hair dyes

If you’ve ever wanted to dip your hair in all the colors of the wind, there is officially a hairstylist who can make it happen. In a Youtube challenge, the talented Brooklyn-based hairstylist Hannah Edelman created rainbow hair by using all 34 of Pravana’s hair colors. The end results look like the psychedelic dream hair we didn’t know we wanted but are now totally coveting.

In order to pull off the look without frying her subject’s hair, or creating a gray mess, Hannah created custom formulas from Pravana’s Vivid hair colors and painted on strategically placed color melts. Basically, once Vivid shades were mixed, Hannah painted them on, like an impressionist with a canvas of human hair — a true artist!

Check out the progression.


She started with a blank canvas.


Then she let her paintbrush do the work, and a rainbow quickly exploded.


It definitely took time and expertise, but she made it look deceptively easy.

Once she dried it, the colors really popped.


Look at that gorgeous rainbow hair!

The dimension of the shades really lends itself to a variety of hairstyles.


We love how the colors look when they’re braided together.

The end results were playful — not to mention breathtaking.


You can watch the full process below!

Hannah can color us impressed in 34 different shades.