Would you try “rainbow freckles,” the newest way to accessorize your face?

Freckles are having an interesting moment in the beauty world. First, people started dabbing specks of brown makeup across their faces, hoping to replicate freckles. The look caught on and became pretty popular. That wasn’t enough though — makeup enthusiasts are taking it one step further with what Seventeen has dubbed “rainbow freckles.”

These faux freckles are colorful dots speckled across the face on cheeks, noses, and foreheads in varying shades of the rainbow. The end result sort of looks like you strobed with a fistful of confetti: fun, different, and highly unexpected.

When executed well, it’s surprisingly wearable — and a much less messy alternative to glitter. You can even go for a slightly more Hunger Games vibe and use metallic pigments in gold or silver for a really unique look. However, it can easily look like paint splattered all over your face, so it’s best to be very deliberate in your placement.

Dominique from Batalash Beauty posted the look on Instagram several weeks ago, calling it “Acidic Barbie,” and it has inspired a slew of similar looks. If you want to try it out, you can watch her tutorial here. In the video, she recommends using matte liquid lipstick for the freckles, since it wears better throughout the day (read: it doesn’t lead to a smeared mess on your face).

(Images via Instagram)