Rainbow bagels are here and they are beyond mesmerizing

Bagels are so delicious and such an easy go-to breakfast item. It’s hard to think of a way to make them even better…

Until someone makes a rainbow version of them.

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn has been serving up rainbow bagels, usually paired with confetti cream cheese, and people are losing their minds. It’s easy to see why. These gorgeous creations don’t even look edible (but they are, we promise!).

According to Business Insider, the rainbow bagels taste pretty similar to cereal.

The rainbow bagel seems pretty straightforward to make, as the bakers are simply dyeing the dough and layering it by color before baking them. They have to be careful not to muddy up the colors though. You can watch a cool video about them here:

We can’t believe we haven’t seen these sooner — especially since owner of the Bagel Store, Scot Rossillo, has been producing this colorful iteration for 20 years. Who knew bagel art was even a thing!?

The Bagel Store has a red-and-green version for Christmas, and have recently been taking orders for their Valentine’s Day version, a bagel swirled in shades of pink, white, and red paired with red velvet cream cheese.

Some of them are sprinkle dwith “magic fairy dust,” aka edible glitter.

You can even put in your own custom order for your favorite color combination.

These might just be the most beautiful carbs in the world.

(Images via Instagram)