It rained so hard at Disneyland yesterday, the park looks like it’s completely abandoned

Southern California is experiencing some very heavy rain right now, and it’s odd. Usually, the lower half of the Golden State is all sunshine all the time, which makes it the perfect place for Disneyland — because, come on, no one wants to wait in the rain to ride Thunder Mountain, right?

That being said, when it does rain, it’s actually the perfect time to go to Disneyland…because no one wants to wait in the rain to ride Thunder Mountain, which means NO ONE is in line, and it’s the *best* time to hit up all the rides with minimal waits. As long as you’re okay with getting a lil’ wet, that is, but a little rain never hurt anyone.

On Sunday, the rains were so heavy and the winds were so strong people barely ventured out to the Happiest Place on Earth (in full disclosure, I actually tried to rope a few of my friends into going to the park with me for the day, and they were all like, “Rachel, it is monsooning out”). Disneyland actually made the bold decision to close early because the weather was so bad and there just weren’t enough people in the park.

And what does it actually look like when there’s no one in the park? It’s kinda weird — and also, with the rain effect, hauntingly beautiful.

There was so much puddle jumping.

There were so many ponchos.

At least Donald and Daisy had a ball.

Tuck this information away for later: Disneyland in the rain looks pretty great.

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