Rage Yoga is a thing, and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like

Yoga is generally thought of a peaceful exercise that brings relaxation and stress relief through a variety of poses. Something that doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of yoga is shouting a plethora of obscenities. Say hello to “Rage Yoga,” a new approach to the popular spiritual practice that consists of yelling and screaming to your heart’s desire. 

Personal trainer Lindsay Istace came up with the unique practice after going through a breakup, according to People. She purged her anger by screaming and cursing during her home yoga practice. After talking about it on Facebook, curious followers convinced her to teach a workshop, which eventually led to classes. “I had a lot of fun teaching it and people really liked it, so I decided I wanted to teach it regularly,” she told People.

On the Rage Yoga website, Istace describes the practice as not only helping her appreciate her body by developing a powerful body-mind connection, but it also allowed her to overcome addiction. Screaming IS therapeutic, after all.

The classes are also held in a unique venue — in the basement of a pub in Calgary, Alberta. Unfortunately, classes are currently only available in Canada, but if the practice takes off we all might be able to curse like a sailor while in downward dog position. In the meantime, Istace has launched a Kickstarter so she can create online classes for people all over the world to experience Rage Yoga. They’ll just have to make sure to give fair warning to neighbors so they don’t freak out at all the screaming

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