Rafael just learned something huge in “Jane the Virgin” and we’re still reeling

Last night’s episode of Jane the Virgin was a doozy, and maybe the MOST shocking part of the whole thing was the big reveal that the Mother Superior gave to Rafael in the form of a sealed letter. Although we don’t know exactly what the letter contained, we got the important part: Rafael’s parents aren’t his real parents and he’s not a Solano after all. For somebody who for much of Jane the Virgin has been defined by his family’s antics, and sacrificed a lot in protecting them, this isn’t just shocking for us — this is questioning-your-whole-identity for Rafael.

We’re not sure who Rafael’s real parents are going to turn out to be, but we’re more worried about what this information is going to do to him personally.

Not knowing one’s parents can be difficult at the best of times, but finding out you were adopted — under potentially dubious and shady circumstances — has to be incredibly difficult. Add to that the fact that Rafael is running what’s essentially a family business, and is possibly going to jail for protecting his father’s interests, and this has the potential to really throw him off.

Frankly, Rafael has maybe had the worst run of anybody on the show, so we hope that his parents are actually some really lovely old Italians who run a restaurant or something and will just love and pamper him for the rest of his life but… somehow we doubt that’s going to be the outcome.

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