Radiohead is apparently suing Lana Del Rey for plagiarizing “Creep”

If you consider yourself to be a fan of ’90s rock, there’s a good chance that “Creep” by Radiohead made it into a few of your mix tapes back in the day — especially the ones you created at a time when you felt a little misunderstood. While they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it probably won’t stop Radiohead from suing Lana Del Rey for copying “Creep” in her Lust for Life track “Get Free.” Even though it’s often tough to create songs that are completely genuine, we can’t help but notice that the two tracks have some similarities.

Del Rey addressed the lawsuit rumors head-on, stating on Twitter that while she didn’t feel as if “Creep” had any influence on “Get Free,” lead singer Thom Yorke and the rest of the band did. “Although I know my song wasn’t inspired by Creep, Radiohead [felt] it was and want 100% of the publishing,” Del Rey said on Twitter. “I offered up to 40 over the last few months but they will only accept 100. Their lawyers have been relentless, so we will deal with it in court.”

Fans of Del Rey had mixed feelings on whether or not the songs were similar. While some fans backed up Radiohead, others felt as if the 40% that Del Rey offered was more than generous. false

If you need a refresher, here’s “Creep” by Radiohead.

And here’s “Get Free” by Lana Del Rey.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time that Radiohead will go to court over “Creep.” Back when it was initially released in 1992, the band The Hollies felt as if it was a little too similar to their hit, “The Air That I Breathe.”

The bands settled it by giving Hollies songwriters Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood credit as co-writing the song. The pair also received some of the royalties, which was a fair solution. We’re hoping that Radiohead and Del Rey work something similar out soon.

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