These are some of the raddest cat tattoos on the planet

As much as you may want to, you can’t bring your cat everywhere. Not only is carrying your pet around a tad inconvenient, but many workplaces (and people) are not feline-friendly. It’s an unfortunate truth of life, but some people in Seoul have found a loophole. The Huffington Post alerted us to Sol Tattoo, a tattoo shop in Seoul, South Korea, known for creating intricate, beautiful animal designs. Though “inking” is technically illegal in South Korea (its use of needles categorizes it as a medical procedure, which needs to be done inside a hospital), hundreds of “underground” places have sprung up over the past few years. Many people have taken these secret opportunities to ink themselves with pictures of their favorite felines. If you’re as bummed as I am that cats cannot be a regular accessory, you may want to think about this fur-free alternative. Check out these cat-astic examples from Sol Tattoo’s Instagram for inspiration:

Guess who loves this ink?

And, yes, they do dog tattoos too.

(Images via Sol Tattoo Instagram)