Physical therapist makes the world’s raddest casts for kids with broken limbs

There is nothing worse than breaking a limb when you’re a kid because 1) you have to wear a bulky, uncomfortable cast, 2) your playtime is cut short or nonexistent, and 3) everyone constantly asks you about the when, why, how, what, and where of it all.

Luckily, Washington D.C.’s pediatric physical therapist Amanda Hall (aka madcaster) understands the broken bone struggle. That’s why she takes the time to cater to her younger patients, creating unique casts that often match the child’s shoes.

“I first started when a tiny baby girl I was working with needed splints, and all I had was beige casting material small enough for her. I styled them as UGG boots to take advantage of the color. Her mom was so proud to put them on her,” Hall told MTV News. “So, ever since, I”ve been trying to up my game. If it’s cute and will excite my kids, I try and make it work.” (Can somebody please get this woman an award?)

Based on her impressive Instagram portfolio of casts, the physical therapist has seriously outdone herself. She’s designed Yeezy, Air Jordan, Doc Marten, Nike, and many other designer casts that make broken bones a little more bearable. The best part: Hall actually makes her casts look really cool, proving that she takes the time to do her very best. Basically, she’s created a new form of wearable art.

Although the UGG boot replicas were her very first, artistic casts, she did an amazing job. Also? These are, hands down, the most adorable casts we’ve ever seen:

Fashionable and functional:

We may not be able to see this child’s face, but we have a feeling that they’re grinning from ear to ear:

Ugh, all the yes:

Don’t want to give up your stylish sneaks? Hall has your back, literally:

The takeaway: art and kindness of the deepest sort can be found in the most unexpected places.

[Images via Instagram]

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