Rachael Ray responded to the whole “Lemonade” Rachel Roy mix-up in the greatest way

If you’re a person who is alive, chances are you heard Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade. You may have even heard how the album might be Beyoncé coming clean over Jay Z’s infidelity. You may have even heard how the other woman could be fashion designer Rachel Roy.

But you might have heard how Jay Z was supposedly cheating with Rachel Roy and thought the internet was talking about famous TV chef Rachael Ray.

If you thought Jay Z had an affair with TV-chef Rachael Ray, you are not alone. Nearly everyone thought Ray was Jay’s mistress and the Beyhive came after her in droves.


Well, obviously Beyoncé was NOT referring to Ray when she sang about Jay Z’s affair with a woman she not-so-affectionately refers to as “Becky.” But how did Rachael respond to #LemonGate2016? With a recipe for lemonade, obvi.

Ever unbothered, the queen of e-v-o-o just put the ice (literally) on one of the weirdest non-beefs to ever happen.

Rachel Roy, for her part, has not responded.

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