7 reasons Rachel and Quinn from “UnREAL” are the most inspiring #girlbosses

Season two of UnREAL is back, and while it’s no secret that it’s our favorite show, our favorite characters are pretty unconventional. Yes, Rachel and Quinn are pretty shifty. They don’t exactly have the best morals and they take things way too far — but as bosses? They’re pretty inspiring. They’re two powerful women who don’t take “no” for an answer and we could all use a bit of their spunk in our everyday lives.

Here are seven reasons why Rachel and Quinn inspire us as #girlbosses:

1. They’ve overcome a lot to get where they are.


At the beginning of the first season of UnREAL, we learned that Rachel suffered from mental health issues that caused her to have a breakdown during the last season of Everlasting. Later, we learn that Chet — oh, horrible Chet — had actually stolen Quinn’s idea for the show. The two women are constantly going through personal struggles, but have still managed to claw their way into success.

2. They accept nothing but the best.


The term “half-ass” is in neither of these ladies’ vocabularies. They never settle, pushing themselves to (sometimes, admittedly, unhealthy) limits in order to achieve their goals.

3. They know they’re better as a team.


We love when women help each other succeed. Quinn and Rachel never try to sabotage the other’s careers, always sticking together to do what’s best for the show (and themselves).

4. They aren’t afraid to be selfish.


Putting themselves first means they always get what they want which, if you remember #2, is the best.

5. They keep each other in check.


Rachel and Quinn don’t tiptoe around each other. If one of them is acting up, the other will let them know. Honesty is everything.

6. They don’t put up with sexism.


As women, Rachel and Quinn know they have to work 10x times harder to be noticed, which means petty sexism isn’t even on their radar — but they’ll still shut you down for it.

7. They have the best mantra.


I mean, who doesn’t want to say that over and over again?

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