Rachel McAdams’ makeup artist is her sister and they honestly look like twins

If you have a sister, you know how they’re like your built-in best friend for life because no one will understand you like she does and you want to keep them close. Well, that’s true for celebs too and Rachel McAdams keeps her look a-like sister close, so close in fact that she’s her makeup artist. Rachel and her sister, Kayleen, both grew up in Ontario, Canada, but both of them now call LA home and while Rachel’s face is celebrity status, Kayleen helps her achieve her note-worthy red carpet looks and they look so much alike it’s crazy that there are two people in the world as gorgeous as them.

The two sisters sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to take on a challenging task of “How well do you know your sister” and Kayleen did surprisingly well.


The 34-year-old makeup artist, who also works with Sofia Vegara and Jessica Biel, has been doing Rachel’s makeup since they were really young and the cute video from THR proves that they spend a lot of time together and know each other really well.


She was able to answer several questions correctly about her 38-year-old older sister including her favorite movie (The “Princess Bride,” obvi) and if she wasn’t an actress where would she be, which is adorable that her answer is farming.


The two seem to have a really amazing relationship and it’s giving us #SiblingGoals, if that was a thing.

Both sisters look like they’d be a lot of fun to hang out with!

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