Rachel McAdams looks jaw-droppingly gorge at “Doctor Strange” premiere

Rachel McAdams has always had enviable sartorial sense. But the Notebook actress looked especially stunning at the premiere of her latest film, Doctor Strange, in which she costar alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. McAdams wore a simple and strapless beige dress, accented with a satin belt that showed a hint of lavender.

The dress is kind of mind-boggling because it really is quite simple, yet we can’t stop staring at that twisted waistline and accent color. The dress design makes us think “galactic space queen” but also “lavender blossom in the spring.” We’re confused as anything, but in the best way possible.

We can’t get over it! Just look at her!


Let’s break this look down from head to toe because there’s just so much ~right~ happening here. First of all, we have to address how perfectly coordinated McAdams’ makeup is with her dress.

The subtle shade of lavender on her lids, matches perfectly with the lavender on her gown. Utterly amazing.


And look— McAdams wore a neutral beige on her nails to match the body of the dress. Plus those rings add the right amount of glitz and glamour without distracting the eye from the main point of interest, which is that peek-a-boo of lavender under the satin wrap.


Then there are the shoes. McAdams kicked around in a pair of super simple suede pumps in the same beige color as the rest of the ensemble.


The coordination is out of control and we love it. Rachel McAdams certainly knows how to make a statement and get people wondering what planet she hails from, because this look is truly otherworldly.

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