Rachel from “The Bachelorette” is definitely engaged, but we’re definitely still watching

There are many unprecedented things about this season of The Bachelorette. For starters, Rachel is the franchise’s first Black contestant. Also, viewers got to meet some of the contestants months ago, annnnd there’s a self-described “tickle monster” vying for her heart. Basically, things are going to get interesting for sure. But for the first time in the show’s long history, Rachel said that she gets engaged on The Bachelorette this season, breaking the long-standing tradition of contestants keeping quiet about the season until the season finale. Oops!

But who cares if we know for sure that she gets engaged to one of the contestants — viewers always know that it ends with a proposal. We don’t know who yet, and seriously, let’s all pray on Chris Harrison’s livelihood that it’s not that tickle monster. Because 31-year-old Rachel, an attorney from Texas, is way better than that. (Sorry, Jonathan.)

Rachel told reporters in a conference call ahead of the premiere on Monday, “I am very much so in love and very much so engaged. I am getting my happy ending!”

So there’s definitely a wedding in the future for The Bachelorette!

But someone from ABC must have told her to zip her lips, because she stopped there. But now we know that she’s “very much so in love,” so when you’re working out your Bachelorette fantasy teams, thing of “marriage material” for Rachel Lindsay.

But wait — wasn’t she “in love” with Nick Viall, too? Rachel said that she was, but she got over it. As being surrounded by 31 other guys fighting over you on national television will do to a woman. She said, “I’ve moved on since then and time heals all and to be back with family and friends and work, it’s a different situation, but I 100 percent would’ve said yes back then. That was the mind-state that I was in.”

Fair enough.

Although there are some very ridiculous guys on the show this season, like a man who says his profession is being a “whaboom,” which he swears is a real lifestyle thing, there are some good catches this season. Even Chris Harrison seemed impressed about the number of grown ass, professional men. He said during the cast reveal, “You have all these Type A personalities, some older guys, more professional, because of who Rachel is. These guys are used to being successful, and good at what they do.”

So it’s a pretty safe bet that the “whaboom” is out.