Rachel Bloom’s parents just took proud to the next level with this framed article

We all know the feeling of returning to our childhood homes, seeing some accomplishment from our youth displayed proudly on one of the walls, and thinking really? This is still up? Turns out, even celebrities aren’t free from that — and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rachel Bloom knows those embarrassing moments well.

When we hear about these moments in the news, it’s usually celebrities embarrassing or bragging about their kids. Like Victoria Beckham posting a video of Cruz singing the Biebs or Kim Kardashian West sharing this aww-dorable pic of Saint. But for Rachel Bloom, who knows how to turn a trope on its head, it was of course the opposite way around.

Bloom’s mom and dad just took things to the next level by framing her New York Times published essay about pooping — and then displaying it in the bathroom.

Now those are some proud parents.

Check it out.

And it’s not just any bathroom. It’s the bathroom where Bloom took her first poop in the potty, the very toilet featured in her article.

And that article, titled “The First Time I Used the Potty for Real”, is pretty incredible. Because not only does it show off Bloom’s trademark wit and clever commentary, it also tells the story of how she refused to poop in the toilet until she was four years old. Yes, you read that right: four.

We’ll let Bloom tell the story herself.

"I remember the night. The year: 1991. The place: Los Angeles," she writes in the piece. "A night like any other, except on this night my parents decided that enough was enough and threw away my diapers. They were fed up with cleaning the butt of a person who could use full sentences, fed up with me soiling myself in the candy aisle of a drugstore rather than using the stockroom toilet, fed up with their own fear that I would go to college still in diapers."

Her parents were videotaping the whole thing — the meltdown in the kitchen when little Rachel realized she needed to poop but her parents wouldn’t give her a diaper, her eventual move to the bathroom to get the job done, and her rewards received post-poop.

The diaper was part of my identity. It was who I was. So on that video, when I finally give in and use the toilet, I don’t just see in my eyes the feeling of relief. I see fear of the unknown, fear of change and, ultimately, death. Later in the video, when I receive all the presents promised for making progress, I still see that fear amid the bribery-induced joy. The toilet is the timpani in the funeral march of change, giving us a rhythm as we all march toward the grave.

We have to imagine it’s a pretty epic home movie.

Really, Rachel should count herself lucky that they’re just displaying her article instead of showing off her first poop to new visitors!

But actually, it doesn’t sound like she’s all that embarrassed. In fact, she sounds pretty proud. And she should be! This article is epic — and Bloom’s parents’ response is even better.

Why haven’t our parents posted our non-existent NYT pooping articles in the bathroom?