Rachel Bloom’s first career choice wasn’t acting, and we’re actually so glad it didn’t work out

If you’re a fan of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you’ve probably developed a bit of a crush on lead actress Rachel Bloom. Not only is she funny, but she seems incredibly personal. That’s why we’re happy that Rachel Bloom’s first career choice didn’t stick — surprisingly enough, she didn’t always have showbiz on her mind.

Bloom, who also created her hit show, appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night and revealed that for awhile, she was set on being a surgeon.

"I kind of wanted to be a surgeon for awhile, since I like cutting things open and seeing their guts," Bloom said.

Here’s the full clip, so you can see why it didn’t pan out.


Bloom mentioned that she voluntarily joined a middle school club in which she had to dissect pigs.

"I just accidentally kept castrating them. I realized that I...I had too clumsy a hand," Bloom noted. "So I went to the obvious next choice, which was musical theater."

While the surgeon goal was short-lived, Bloom revealed that she was also really into Broadway — and that’s probably how she fell into comedy. With comedy, she said, she was a bit more relaxed. Eventually, she must have realized that she was a natural at it.

Of course, those who are fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend know that she’s made the show incredibly musical. In fact, the songs are what makes it stand out from standard comedies today.

The show’s second season premiered on October 21st, and just this month, The CW renewed it for a third season. So, Golden Globe nominations and Critics Choice Award wins aside, we’re definitely sure that Bloom ended up on the right career path.

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