Rachel Bloom and Stephen Colbert performed an impromptu musical number and it was awesome

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been totally obsessed with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on The CW. A romantic musical comedy/drama starring Rachel freakin’ Bloom? Like, what’s *not* to love? But sometimes, we can’t help but wish that the musical fabulousness wasn’t just on our screens but IRL too. Luckily, Rachel Bloom and Stephen Colbert heard our pleas and boy, did they deliver.

Last night, Rachel stopped by the Late Show to chat musicals with Stephen, where he admitted that he was a little confused about the concept. He explained that in operas, they sing the whole time, so it’s presumed that singing is like talking. But in musicals, they talk, and then randomly burst into song. How can you integrate musical tropes into a story? That’s not real life, after all. But Rachel disagreed. “Anything can be a musical,” she asserted. . . prompting them to burst into song, naturally. And they totally killed it.

“Musicals don’t just happen when you’re talking to a guest / There’s no Broadway razzle-dazzle, you’re just gabbing at some desk,” Stephen sang to Rachel.

“I see what you mean, but it’s time to break the routine,” Rachel belted out.

“But Rachel, what about feeding the publicity machine?” he responded.

The interview continued on as normal — if you count Rachel rapping stories from being on set as “normal.” “There’s so much food around the set that I can’t help but go nuts eating cheese and crackers, party mix and donuts / Being a star ain’t as sexy as it sounds, I won a Golden Globe but I put on 13 pounds,” Rachel rapped. (We would, too, because how can you refuse donuts, let’s be real.)

Anyone else want to petition for a real-life musical starring Rachel Bloom and Stephen Colbert? At the very least, let’s conduct *all* interviews like this, please.