Rachel Bloom just pitched a new show about her boobs, and we’re extremely on board

It’s no secret that we’re huge Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans. So when we heard that Rachel Bloom pitched a new show about her boobs for The New Yorker’s website, we were extremely on board. The actress already makes us laugh ~all the time~ when we watch her as Rebecca Bunch. Even outside of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bloom makes us LOL non-stop, from this secret musical of Sugar Ray songs to this music video Bloom did on period sex(!). (And if you haven’t seen them, go watch right after you finish reading this!)

So, no question, we’d watch Rachel Bloom in anything — even a show about her boobs (especially a show about her boobs).

And though the pitch is obviously a joke, we can’t help immediately hopping on board. Who wouldn’t be into this?

“When you have big boobs, you deal with, like, 'What bra should I wear?' 'My back hurts.' Boob sweat. And then, finally, 'My breasts are always complaining about grammar.'"

Rachel’s Boobs Explain Grammar, she titles the show. “It’s the breast.”

How are you not already obsessed? When she gets into more specifics on the boob detail, we crack up.

“I think that a fun like kind of Wallace and Gromit wide mouth would be very funny and keep people watching.

Uh, yeah, we’d definitely watch. But decide for yourself. You can watch the TV pitch, of sorts, right here.

Yup, we’re def on board — and pretty much ready to start crowdfunding ourselves, if need be. We have no doubt that whatever Rachel Bloom does will be a hit.