Rachel Bloom reimagines her show’s male characters as if they were created by a dude

It’s no secret that Hollywood is full of unrealistic representations of women. And Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rachel Bloom noticed that the problem often begins as early as the casting notices.

To make her point, Bloom posted a screenshot on Instagram of common casting notices on Backstage that ask for “pretty girls” with “introverted personalities,” among other sexist demands.

The post received a ton of comments from women and actresses who identify with this issue, so clearly Bloom is striking a chord — and hopefully, signaling the need for positive change.

And because’s she’s freaking awesome, Bloom went even further and imagined what a casting notice would look like for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s male characters if it had been “filtered through a male gaze” — as in, promoting the “hotness” of each character rather than their unique qualities.

The result was brilliant:


Basically, this is all a long (albeit hilarious) way of saying that women deserve to be offered roles that speak to their intelligence and individuality, not their dress size. Yet so much of what is intrinsic to the entertainment industry continues to promote totally sexist standards.

Regardless, we LOVE that Bloom is calling attention to the problem (and doing it in a totally entertaining way no less). Keep fighting the good fight, girl!


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