Rachel Bloom and Mayim Bialik just had the most hilarious fan interaction — and you’ll never guess who ended up taking the picture

We love finding out some of our favorite celebs love each other as much as we love them. Stars can become super fans, too — which is exactly what happened when Mayim Bialik watched Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Bialik reached out to Bloom for an interview on her site GrokNation.com, and the two have been friends ever since. They even teamed up for Bloom’s Funny or Die “Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got to Vote)” video with a bunch of other celebs.

But once you become a Golden Globe-winning actress like Rachel Bloom is, it can be hard to do something as simple a grab a cup of coffee with your girl.

That’s what happened to Bloom when she went out the other day.

But weirdly enough, it didn’t happen to Critics’ Choice award-winning actress Mayim Bialik, even though the two were together.

When a fan approached them for a picture, she handed the camera to Bialik… and that’s when things got hilarious.

“When you can’t go anywhere with [Rachel Bloom] without someone recognizing her and spoiling our private girlfriend time,” Bialik captioned the pic.

Bloom had her own take on the bizarre moment.

"Excuse me, are you Mayim Bialik? Oh great, can you take our picture with your friend?" she captioned the shot on her own Instagram.

How funny is that? We can’t imagine what it must be like when a fan asks you to take a photo of them instead of with them.

But maybe Ed Sheeran gets it after his Bridget Jones’s Diary cameo.

Either way, we can’t stop laughing — and it’s clear Rachel and Mayim were cracking up, too.

Considering their girl time was interrupted, these two will have to make it up with another dinner date. We’d love to see more of them together.

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