So here’s why Rachel Bloom set “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” in West Covina, California

For fans of the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, there’s pretty much never not a moment when the theme song isn’t stuck in our heads. In it, creator Rachel Bloom sings about moving to West Covina, California, but have you ever stopped to ask why?

Of course, in the show, it’s because that’s where her longtime crush Josh lives. When it comes to writing it, however, Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know why West Covina came to mind. When Rachel stopped by the show on Monday night she had a pretty good answer.

“The great thing about Souther California is it’s so diverse, but full of chain restaurants,” Rachel explains. “We like to stay it’s people of all different cultures going to the same Applebees.”

The somewhat random nature of the town is actually pretty important to the story, and how being in love can completely blind someone to their surroundings.

“When you love someone, the most unremarkable place suddenly becomes the Garden of Eden,” she continues. “And that’s why the show is a musical because everything in her eyes is just very, very, very dramatic and it’s the most mundane moments, you know, he texts her once and it’s a musical number.”