Rachel Bloom’s homemade Chanukah hat is amazingly NSFW

Rachel Bloom has single-handedly resurrected the Flight of the Conchords-style musical TV comedy with her amazing show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She’s won a Golden Globe for Best Actress at age 28.

Now, Rachel’s also perfected the art of the homemade Chanukah hat.

Bloom has been a favorite of ours ever since she proclaimed her lust for old man author Ray Bradbury in this (also NSFW!) Youtube vid in 2010. From her incredible Thanksgiving outfit to her strong beliefs in feminism, she’s just amazing.

She’s also come through this Chanukah (or Hanukkah, depending on your style) to bring a smile to our faces as she proudly adorns a paper crown with “F**k Nazis” and “You can’t kill us.”

The NSFW headgear remains tasteful as it calls out — well — Nazis on the eve of the last night of Chanukah.

Everyone celebrates the holiday season differently. Rachel Bloom is just taking a bolder stance than most with her PG-13 paper crown.

“My friend and I made children’s Chanukah hats and I went in a super aggro direction with mine,” Bloom captioned the shot of her showing off her proud art project. Our favorite part? Probably the single gold circle simply labeled “Gelt.”

Bloom also celebrated the holiday in a more traditional way, with nail art.

And, of course, a T-rex menorah.

Coming off of a freshly wrapped second season of CEG, Bloom’s boundless creativity is something to behold. Besides creating the hit CW show with partner Aline Brosh McKenna; Bloom sings, dances, performs and writes just about every element of the theatrical and refreshingly upbeat sitcom. She’s even been known to get creative with cocktail names, as a beverage named “I Pee My Pants” was served at the show’s recent wrap party. Sounds… tasty?

You do you, Rachel Bloom. Keep making us laugh via crude lyrics and big dance numbers. We’re loving the show.

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