You can channel your inner Dolly Parton with this Rachel Antonoff tee

If you’re alive with a beating heart and vibrant soul, then it’s pretty much a given that you admire Dolly Parton. Whether it’s her legendary and prolific songwriting abilities or brazen love towards her fellow (unworthy) humans, Dolly is someone to look up to. Now, you can channel your inner Dolly Parton through a new Rachel Antonoff tee. Or at least, you can express your love and appreciation whenever you wear it.

If you’re sick of working a 9-to-5 and swear “the man” is out to get you, then our fashion crush Rachel Antonoff has your back with her bright orange “Parton Me” graphic tee.

The shirt itself only costs $45 through the Rachel Antonoff website, which seems like a reasonable price for an ode to Dolly.

We’re hoping that wearing this T-shirt will cause Dolly to sense our energy from far away.

The orchid-on-orange color scheme feels particularly on-point for Dolly’s ever-colorful fashion ethos.

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Plus, this is a great way for us to honor Dolly through fashion, without attempting to brave the same (killer) ensembles she pulls off.

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Mostly, we’re just glad the world recognizes the immense blessing that is this singer-songwriter.

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We’d wear a dozen shirts for Dolly.

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