We need these Rachel Antonoff x Keds sneakers for National Voter Registration Day and every day

Happy National Voter Registration Day! If you haven’t already registered to vote, today’s the right day to do it. In fact, grab all your friends and do it right now. Then, when you’re done, you can reward yourself with a fabulous pair of Rachel Antonoff x Keds sneakers. On Tuesday, September 24th, the shoe brand launched its new collaboration with the famed fashion designer to give us the kicks we never knew we needed.

The Hysterical Female line, which features the words “Hysterical” and “Female” in black on each sneaker, incorporates Antonoff’s “out-of-the-box designs with the classic canvas style from Keds,” according to the brand.

According to the Keds website, the fashion icon created the Hysterical Female graphic to “let everyone on the Senate floor know who they’re dealing with,” as well as redefine the term “hysterical,” which is largely used to silence women with an opinion. Instead, she turned the words into an empowering and unifying message.


The goal is to "encourage every woman in exercising her right to vote" because there's "no better way to make a statement than with the help of these perfectly designed shoes as every woman continues to strive and make bold statements," Keds said in a press release.


The sneakers come in classic white and are set on a 1-inch platform for added height. They retail for $74.99 and are available in sizes 5 to 11.


Antonoff is known to use her fashion line to speak out for women’s rights. Her statement-making designs include graphic tees that show the female reproductive system, as well her Hysterical Female T-shirt, which was released in 2017.

Now, excuse us while we purchase these new badass Keds sneakers and make sure everyone we know heads over to iwillvote.com to ensure they’re registered before the next election.

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