Rachael Leigh Cook created another iconic “Your Brain On Drugs” commercial for 2017

Before she was Laney Boggs, she smashed an egg with a frying pan — for educational purposes. Rachael Leigh Cook’s “Your Brain on Drugs” commercial always tops every ’90s nostalgia list for a good reason. It was pretty darn powerful.

Even though Cook has stayed out of the spotlight these days, we’re so happy that she decided to create a brand new commercial. While it looks visually similar to the commercial from way back when, this time it’s all about drug policy.

Cast-iron skillet in hand, Cook’s new spot supports the Drug Policy Alliance.

Through the use of animation, she makes it pretty clear that “The War on Drugs” isn’t totally working — and instead, it just targets people of color.


And just to refresh your memory, here’s what Cook’s first commercial looked like.


(There was a lot more smashing in the second, but we think the new ad has a ton of similarities and gets the message across appropriately!)

The Drug Policy Alliance has a mission to solve issues with drugs while using science, human rights, health, and of course, compassion — the last part which was heavily noted in the video. They’re against unnecessary incarceration, and believe that we can all save a lot of money by changing up the way we handle drug-related activity.

If this video just makes you miss Cook a little (we mean, she was one of the biggest stars of the ’90s) she’ll be seen next in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which — you guessed it — is a comedic adaptation of the famous Shakespeare play.

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